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Hello. We’re The Next Network, A Creative Agency Located In Utrecht. Take A Look Around & Don’t Be Shy.

We’re a social media marketing agency since 2012. Nowadays you’ll find us advertising all day long. Pure passion

After a few years of social media consulting and marketing we’ve decided to change to an Advertising agency. That’s what we’re best at.

We work for big brands like Alpro, Bakkerij Bart and big law firms. Would you like to have your ads maximize profits? Send us an email at

Did you know are founders won the prize for Best Young Entrepreneurs 2016, you would definitely want to work with them!

We Create Beautiful Ads


Ads Created

It takes a lot to be one creative every single. But through our competitive way of working we still create the best ads in town.

Unique Design

Our ads have a unique design, we know exactly what works on social media as advertising tool. It’s still a social netwerk, isn’t it?

Easy acces

Always get to know what’s going on with your ads. Since we work with social media, and everything is in the cloud nowadays, you can always manage to see what we’re doing and what results we’re heading for.

Continual process

We’ve created a special process to maximize creativity in our ads. Our process takes 1 month, after 1 month you’ve got your first ad and has already been stored online.

Video Ads (future)

In the future we will shoot video ads as well. You still have to wait a while.

Oh, & We Write.

9 juli 2016

The future of social advertising.

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